So, I Went Shopping the Other Day

And bought a reciprocating saw. It was a great deal. Well, it was a deal, anyway. Home Depot had one of those buy a set of tools, get a reciprocating saw for free sales. So, I got sucked in. Do I need a reciprocating saw? Well… maybe not yet. What I was really after was a power driver. But, as it turns out… power tools are like hard drugs. The first one’s free. The next one is gonna cost you. The set was a good price. The saw was free…

So one trip to the store later… here’s your random box of stuff that will most likely kill you.

I’m debating if maybe I shouldn’t have purchased the bigger set of tools.

Up until recently, this is the kind of thing that I do occasionally, and almost always with someone else’s stuff. And somebody else’s stuff can go a long way in the Midwest. Now, I have enough projects lined up for the foreseeable future, and… there’s probably some kind of time limit on “borrow.” (Can I borrow this? I’ll get it back to you sometime in 2036? Uhm…)

So, seeing no way out of it other than marriage… I bought my own.

And off to work I go…

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