So, where did my day go?

I let the little distractions get the better of me, today. I cleaned out the refrigerator, of course, and a few other useful things, and then… Well, I don’t know. I didn’t get back to much of anything project-wise. And honestly, it should have been the kind of day with plenty of time for real work.

Not after I got done with it.

I got a little bit of chronologizing done on the project I’m revising.

That’s about it.

And I also poured about a gallon of sriracha on some tacos. Cleared up my sinuses. I can breathe, now.

Sometimes it seems like the more time I think I have in a day, the less of that time I wind up actually using.


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    I know the feeling. But as you say, many of those little things are useful.

    This often seems to be the case with days when you have a lot of time – nothing gets done. 🙂

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