Software Death Match: yWriter Takes a Hit

It’s been a while since I talked about novel writing software. I’m back on the topic, now, because my computer shut down “for updates” last night (We could discuss that, Bill Gates.) and I wound up losing some of the short story I’d been working on in Y-Writer. (Y-writer 7, to be precise.) I stopped to go look for the .rtf files, in hopes of finding the chunk I’d lost, but…

There are no rtf files.


Especially seeing as how that was one of my favorite things about it. It auto-saves to rtf, and I’m able to do whatever fool-hearty, stoopid thing I can think of. The program will save me.

Not this time. The piece I was looking for was just gone.

I was lucky it was just a few sentences. I can’t tell you what they were, but I can tell you they were really, really good. (I think.)

No. No rtf file.

How did I miss that? (Fine, by not looking. That’s how.)

rtf also happens to be a very recoverable format, so that when I take a jog through an electromagnetic minefield with my computer, I have a fairly decent chance of finding someone who can haul up a bloated corpse or two.

So, now I’m taking out another trial run of Scrivener. Am I a fan? Am I not a fan? I haven’t really decided, yet. There’s some clutter that doesn’t really fit into my usual production plan. I haven’t gotten as far as figuring out if I can get rid of it. Maybe not. Maybe I desperately need a research file right there on the screen, just to remind me what I made up last week.

It really might be useful, if I were writing a novel instead of a short story with it. I’ll work up to that, eventually, when I’m ready to commit.

For right now, I’m staring up at that learning curve with motivation.

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