Spring Cleaning, and Impossible Schedules

I get up early, and by the end of the day I’m really dragging. Not enough caffeine? Too many carbohydrates? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the fact of having been awake for a whole day’s worth of work. I don’t feel like two in the morning is time to get up, and I don’t feel like seven thirty or eight is bedtime, but somehow, that’s the way life is. If I don’t get up early, I don’t get my own work done.

You can’t count on an uninterrupted lunch hour.

The new story–the one I want to be moving on with–is starting to have a little shape. It’s managing to hold my interest, and that’s about all I can expect right now.

The old story?

Well, I think you could say it’s fermenting. I  want to prune my blog database, and I probably want to replace some of the photos in my newly remodeled site so that the visual is crisper, clearer, and more professional.

No, that’s not procrastination.


Well, I’m not sure what it is, to be quite honest.

But it’s not procrastination.

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