Spring Hiking Weather


Looking down from the trail. Tangled little creek.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Warm, but not to warm, without a lot of wind to make things unpleasant. Lots of big, fluffy clouds to keep it from getting too bright. I took pictures on my walk home from work, to make everybody as jealous as possible!


Bridge. This used to be a railroad track before it became a hiking biking trail.

There are paths like this all over.  If you follow too far, you wind up in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Here are my big, beautiful, fluffy clouds!


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    Love the clouds. It has been warm and sunny here too. Good weather for cruising to the beach or around the lake. I am jealous, because I trouble walking I wish I could go for that kind of walk again.

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      Ooh. IWSG! Oh, no… Thanks for the gentle reminder. I’m practically unconscious, right now… but I managed a post, and I’m hoping to get a look at some other insecure blogs. Happy IWSG Day!

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