Spring Might Be Here

Spring may finally be here. Limited time engagement, but it got up to seventy today, pleasant and warm, with some real sun. It’s the kind of weather where you envision yourself working outdoors on the porch, and then you realize just how short your computer’s battery life is, or just how much the wind blows your notebook pages around.

In another few weeks, it’ll be summer-y hot, and I’ll be glued to the air conditioner, but for now…

And the cat has moved from his winter box (It’s a quilted, fleece lined cube) to his summer perch. (One of those cat-climb-y things that happens to sit by a window where he can watch the squirrels. Don’t worry. He’s just window shopping.)

Now… back to my midwestern pessimism, and a reminder that we’ve been known to have snow storms as late as the end of May. Not often, but you’d still better take a coat, just in case.

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