Spring Super Moon

Here’s my early-morning super moon photo. You will note from the overhead power lines that we are urban. We have also removed the sign that used to be at the school, reminding people not to let their children ride horses to school, so yes. We are city people, now. Pay no attention to the chickens next door.

I was a little disappointed. The moon was supposed to be amazing about an hour after this picture was taken, but the clouds ate it all up.

As of now, the whole spring has been colder than average temperatures, and rain.

I’m not complaining. I can’t say I love the heat.

It’s a little strange that I haven’t heard anybody else complaining.



  1. Reply

    Cool weather is better for long walks (rain, not so much). The only time my husband and I leave the house these days is to walk. We see and talk to other human beings (at a safe distance) for that one hour a day. I wish it was “sit on the deck” weather, say six or seven degrees warmer, though. Side note: I worry for the many of thousands of folk in my area who lack air conditioning and pre-virus would flock to the neighborhood pools on the 90 degree plus days. So, I can’t complain. Overall our life is good.

  2. A.S. Akkalon


    Why aren’t the children allowed to ride horses to school? 🙁

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