Starting Short Stories For Halloween

Yesterday, I started a short story for Halloween. I’ve been reading Douglas Adams, and I think it shows. That might not be a bad thing, for a short story. Anything longer, and I’d have to start taking pills. The whole story is a lot more relaxed than most of what I write. I’m having fun. I’m not revising as I go. And my characters just dismembered a second grade teacher.

I don’t know why they would have dismembered a second grade teacher. Mine was actually pretty good. She was also–actually–my fifth grade teacher, so that makes her one of two teachers who managed to survive me not once, but twice.

Good for her.

In the beginning, I was thinking about it for the PG-rated, non-child-unfriendly blog hop I’m part of. And then, I realized the dismemberment was probably a step too far, and there’s usually not even a hint of necrophilia in children’s books.

(Is it still necrophilia, if you re-animate the corpse first?)

So, being a responsible adult**ahem**fine, upstanding citizen **er** slightly afraid of my kids’ lit friends…. I’ll be writing something more suitable, and saving this one for later.


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    In my experience, kids are quite up for a bit of dismemberment – particularly of teachers. But yeah – necrophilia may be a step too far 😉

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      Oh, all right, then. I guess I’ll have to come up with something different for the next blog hop.

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    Yup, still necrophilia, I’d say. Well, it kinda depends… being into vampires doesn’t generally count as necrophilia, does it? So I guess it depends on how corpse-like your reanimated/undead being is?
    (Which makes me wonder: Is it bestiality if werewolves do it…? Ah, the questions that plague the speculative fiction writer!)

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      I always assumed werewolves would only be able to do it, if both were in the same form because of the baculum issue. (Obviously, more flexibility for f-f sex.) I could see the transformation having benefits, if a human were involved: I just want to cuddle, and am therefore turning into a dog. Sorry ’bout that.

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