Steel Cranes

Since nothing was familiar enough to photograph on my trip back to my childhood home, I wound up taking a couple pictures on the way back.
Yup. More rest area art.


Central Nebraska is one of the places the cranes stop to rest on their annual migration. And this…  Well, this would be a 100% all American origami steel crane. Mostly. Rumor hath it that if you fold enough of them (About two. We really don’t have the Japanese attention span, and besides… STEEL!) Your wish will come true.


The Central Nebraska Visitors’ Bureau wished for more tourists and more attention from the press.
They got me on both counts, so obviously, the legend is absolutely true.


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    It’s been a few years since I last drove through Nebraska so I don’t recall if I’ve seen these sculptures. I do have a fondness for that part of the country though.

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      I was really impressed by a lot of the changes I saw. And at the end of it, I wound up eating at a little family owned (East) Indian restaurant in a small town just off I-80. Wouldn’t have bet on that happening even ten or fifteen years ago.

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