Stepping Back For A Better View

I spent a fairly good chunk of today and some of yesterday working on the timeline for my revision. I found a few missing pieces–five of them, actually–that need to go into my outline.  This gives me a total of 14 chunks left to revise. And puts me behind by… well, based on my original math… a couple of months.

I’d like to think it won’t be that long, but the truth is the holidays may be busier than I think, and I never seem to give myself enough time for anything, anyway.

Someday, I would like to look down and realize I’m actually finished early.  But that’s a ways off.

I’m writing a romance that isn’t really a romance–it’s… something else. Science Fiction… Fantasy… a metaphor for something I don’t totally understand.

And when I lose track of where I am, I wind up writing nice circles, where my main characters are sitting around talking, and telling each other about their childhoods, and kissing. It’s really not supposed to be a romance on any real level.

And that’s my hint that something is going wrong. Too much smooshy stuff.

(I usually worry that there’s not enough. No. It doesn’t make sense.)

I’m ready to be done with the thing.

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