StoryTime Blog Hop-Let the Countdown Begin!

I’m working on pulling a story together for the StoryTime Blog Hop later this month.  One day before the deadline for Links (July 20th), and just eight days left before the blog hop, itself (July 27th). Everybody’s invited to write with us, this g0-round, and you’re always welcome to read.

One of the benefits of the blog hop is that it forces you to write, and it forces you to write on a deadline.

I happen to be one of those people who’ll be writing–or at least editing– right up to the last minute.

I’m never confident there’s actually going to be a story, until I get to the end of one, push the button, and send it out to the world.

You can host a blog hop and not actually write a story for it…. Right?

That’s my insecurity, of course. In the end, I always wind up with a story. Then, I move on to the ego trip, in which I wonder whether I should use the story for the blog hop, or if I should just go ahead and submit my little bit of brilliance directly to the Nobel Committee.

So, keeping in mind that there’s another week to keep writing after the links have to be in, hop over to the blog hop page, decide if you’re interested, and get back to me!


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