History: The StoryTime Blog Hop was started by members of Holly Lisle’s writing classes in 2015, and showcases short stories in the Speculative Fiction Realm: Science Fiction, Fantasy, and so on. You can read some of the stories from past hops here.

The StoryTime Blog Hop is on 4th Wednesday of the month, January, April, July, and October. Links are due in the host’s email one week before the stories go live. Each host decides on a per-hop basis whether the hop will be open to stories from non-Holly students, however, basic membership in Holly’s writing forum is free, as is her flash fiction class.

The standing rules are:

Short story/flash fiction up 1000 words
PG rated–no graphic violence, sex,¬†or foul language. (Some of the writers involved write for children.)
Genre: General Speculative Fiction including Science Fiction and Fantasy
Use the blog hop image (above) to announce the hop on your own site and social media.

And, of course, we’re grateful for all the publicity we can get.

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