Submission Planner

I put together a form, today. It’s not much of a form, and this is not much of a blog post, but you can have them both.

It is **trumpet fanfare** a submission planner for short stories.

It’s not to track submissions. (I’m using a combination of Sonar and Submission Grinder for that.)

It’s to plan ahead so that when a story comes back, I already know which market I want to send it to, next.

Click to access submissionplanner.pdf

Takes all that vague, list-in-your-head fuzziness and puts it on paper, in a more easily accessible way, and keeps you from having to look these things up over and over and over.

Anyway, it struck me that having an immediate plan for the story might make finding a home for it a little bit easier.

Added bonus? Look, I learned how to embed files so you can download them. (Yes, I’m quite pleased with myself.) What do you think?

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