Summer “Gardening” for the Non-Gardener.

Yuccas in Bloom

There’s been a lot of rain this year, as you can tell by the fact that my yucca plants are blooming. My yucca plants? Well, to be honest, I didn’t plant them. If they didn’t bloom from time to time, I’d probably think they were irises or something. Most of my work in this corner involves killing the opportunistic hemp plants that sprout up from time to time. Leftovers from World War 2, and the hemp fields. Rope hemp, not the fun kind. Either way, they’re considered noxious weeds, and I’m under a civic obligation to destroy them. Yup, the vining milkweed has to go, too. (That’s what stripped the poor yucca on the right.)

If I keep posting flowers as they bloom, eventually people will believe that I’m a gardener. I have perennials. Peonies, hydrangeas, yuccas, surprise lilies… the works. All planted by not me, and alive entirely by virtue of being low maintenance.

I do put some effort into making the hydrangeas blue instead of pink. It usually doesn’t take.

And I planted some sedges to fill in a particularly muddy part of the yard. (That didn’t take, either.)

On the bright side, my squirrel breeding program is working out exceptionally well. I never run out of squirrels.

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