Summer of Fiction Writing 2021: Week One

I should be knee-deep in the Summer of Fiction Writing, but I’m off to a slow start. Family things, starting up again after the pandemic. Family problems. Family stress. I’ve been smiling at people, and thinking… You’re going to be a very small footnote in my biography, someday. I suppose the most diplomatic way of putting it is… Here’s to LOGICAL families. (And thanks for being mine.)

I’ve gotten at least a few words every day of the kerfuffle. I have not managed to reach my goal, even once. And I haven’t managed to do much of anything else either.

I do get a gold star for blog posts on schedule, so far, and I’d like to keep that trend going.

I’m supposed to be starting a new novel, and keeping up with the short story challenge, and revising, and… you get the picture. My real goal? Get back some of the momentum that I had before the the world turned us all upside-down and tried to shake the lunch money out of our pockets.

Okay, so the time flew by, and not particularly without reason. I finally managed to settle in and make my goal word count Tuesday night. Thus endeth the week.

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