Summer of Fiction Writing, Ctd. and Ctd. and Ctd…

I’m jumping on one of my three remaining projects harder than the other two, and I’m realizing that I’ve written… uhm… half a book? Is that right? I have a beginning… and an end… and some of the guts in the middle. It adds up to about 45k, and that’s including all the material that makes this definitely not the YA book that I was thinking of when I started.

Well, I’m sure no one bet real-life money on my book staying YA.

I’ve focused more on one particular bubble in my world than on the world as a whole, and with interesting side effects. The part of the novel I still have to write is what happens outside that bubble.

So, the multiple projects experiment? The MAJOR projects are now finished drafts. I think those were more or less simultaneous. I am continuing with the back-burner projects, but my speed has dropped off. I’m blaming a combination of tone (the remaining projects are pretty gloomy. They’re back-burner projects for a reason.) and not really having a clearly-thought out plan for them. I’m also hitting a really nice patch of short-stories, which is unusual for me.

Something to do while waiting for the next project to arrive.

That and send out the short stories when I’m done with them. Honest, I’ll get one in the mail any second, now. (I need time. I’ve been throwing around commas like they’re confetti.)

About three weeks left to go.


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    It’s good that you’re writing! I’ve been so busy lately, it feels like all I can do just to keep up with my blog.

    Congrats on all the major projects being finished. That’s fantastic news. And congrats on all the short stories. I look forward to hearing that they’ve been published.

    As for the back-burner stories, it sounds like you’ve got a handle on why they’re back-burner. Good luck on turning that around.

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