Summer of Fiction Writing: End of June


  1. Finish the first drafts of my two main projects.
  2. Finish and submit short stories, especially the 2019 class of Hard Drive Zombies
  3. Blog regularly, and sustainably.
  4. Polish the current novel manuscript and get it back out on submission.


Starting Points:

  1. At the beginning of the month, I had two main projects that I was working on. The per-day word count was in the neighborhood of 1100 words per day between the two of them. I felt that I had a much firmer grasp on the plot of one than the other.
  2. I actually wound up finishing the dreaded short stories before the Summer of Fiction Writing officially began.


  1. I have hit 90k on both of the projects. Neither of them seem particularly finished, but the words are there.
  2. I have finished the short stories. They need editing, and submitting. And I’ve begun writing another one, which still needs an ending.
  3. I’ve been doing more to schedule blog posts in advance. The big posts for the month of July will be the Insecure Writers’ Support Group on July 3rd and the StoryTime Bloghop (Now in its 4th year!) on July 31. There’s still time for you to join in, if you’re so inclined. (The sign-up deadline is July 24.) Big thanks to Juneta Key at the Writer’s Gambit for catching my mistake… and for hosting the blog hop… and… and…



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    Storytime is on the last WED July 31st, links due on 24th. You may have meant that but was not sure. Congratulations on all those goals achieved. Wahoo!

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