Sunlight on Ice Storm

We had an ice storm the other day. Not much of one, in my opinion. The combination of just-below freezing weather and massive quantities of de-icer means that the big roads were pretty well perfect. Some of the section roads were impassable for a while, either because of the ice, or because of downed tree branches.

Don’t tell my friends–some of them live on those section roads, and aren’t done swearing, yet–but I thought it was beautiful.

I went out and took pictures. A little off the beaten track, and some of where I went, it really was slick. I only fell once, though. And my phone may have skidded twenty or thirty feet on the ice and landed in a puddle. But here are some of the best ones.


I’m not sure I caught the real, sparkly majesty of the thing. I think maybe that’s more the result of sunlight hitting it as you move.


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    Brrr. But beautiful. I lived in Michigan for many, many years then moved to Hawaii and Arizona. I was so happy to remove the following from my vocabulary:
    ice storms
    black ice
    Enjoy the diversity of your weather!

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      Diversity is right! It hit the fifties a couple days after those pictures. But I’m with you in Arizona… in spirit, at least.

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