T is for Timely Turpitude

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I had no idea what to write, and probably only about three brain cells left awake to write it with, when an acquaintance of mine provided me with the answer: turpitude.

I’m in a small town, and that makes a difference. I have known this acquaintance (and his wife) for (mumble, mumble) years. Long enough to be completely un-threatened by the following story. (If I knew them just a wee bit better, I’d be calling their family doctor, since this is… uncharacteristic.)

He’s older, probably more in the general range of grandfather than father.
Old enough, in fact, that he still says “You’re such a doll.” And he says it without irony.
Today, he added, “You do know what a doll is, don’t you?”
And, of course, I humored him. Why not?
“A doll,” he tells me, “is something you dress and undress, and take to bed, and play with.”


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    *Snorts* If I’d had coffee in my mouth I would of spit it across the room. ROFL! OMG Well, I am glad you know them and understand, but that is funny.

    It also was a very good answer for what it is and witty. Happy you were not offended or made to feel uncomfortable.

    I like a good raunchy joke once in a while and this one was mild but hilarious. My question is did he mean it as a joke?

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      I think it’s the kind of joke he probably wouldn’t have told *me* if his mind was working just right. But yes, I think he meant it as a joke.

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        Good. It was funny. The situation as you described it was great because your delivery made it funny too. I could visualize it.

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