Explaining the Self-Explanatory

Well, hell. Sometimes it just gets down to that choice of getting up or lying in bed counting down the moments that you could have been sleeping… if only you could sleep. Good morning, world. Time to eat my English muffin and pretend to be awake. I’m not really sure what got me up this

The Glories of Shitty Day Jobs

Today is the least popular day of the year, the day when the clocks get set forward an hour and we all lose an hour of sleep. Or, you know… in my case, an hour of early-morning writing time.  I’m most likely going to wake up at exactly the same time I always do, and

You know that Red Button…?

The one that should never, ever be pushed? The one attached to the Nuclear Option, and all the pyrotechnics? I pushed it. Hard. I went to my shitty day job the other day. Saw the mess. Turned around, and walked back out. Okay. So, maybe I took one of the managers on the “Why I’m

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