Kicking Fitbit to the Curb

I’m working my way up the rather steep learning curve that goes with my new watch. (The one to replace the old watch, which I knocked a button off of. It was a very important button.) I’ve learned how to tell the time. That’s not much of an exaggeration. I’ve been holding off wearing it

Fitbit Writers

I am a part of an online writers’ group that suddenly–out of the blue–brought up exercise and from there, it was a short pivot to buddying up on Fitbit. Well, anyway… stumbling through the deceptively simple instructions. Should we discuss writers and Fitbit? Well, what name are you under? Is that your real name, your

Electronics for the Fitness Conscious Writer

My fabulous (old model) Fitbit has arrived, and so far, I’ve downloaded some apps, fiddled around with some settings, and lied to it. Lied? Well, maybe not exactly. It asked me what I weighed, and the truth is, I don’t know. Haven’t kept track, since I quit dancing on a regular basis and actually lost

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