Chinese Buffet and a Movie

I’m not sure it’s a tradition, yet… but we zipped off to that same glorious, do-as-you-please type holiday that I’ve been enjoying, lately. Well… do as you please, provided it’s open on Christmas Day, and reasonably affordable… and that works out to a second-run movie and a Chinese Buffet. Went to see Arrival. Not bad,

Horrifying Gifts for the Holidays

If your family is like mine, it’s big, and ungainly and the truth is, you just don’t know each other well enough to buy each other anything but an Amazon gift card. This will, of course, in no way stop you from wanting to play Happy Families, so you will spend a massive amount of

Homes For Retired Books

So, now’s the time of year when it’s (reasonably) socially acceptable to clear your throat and nod sideways at the charitable causes you feel other people should be giving money, goods, and/or time to. And while I’m not much of a spare-change collector, I am going to point out a few good uses you can

Today Is My Day!!!

For the last couple of years, I’ve participated in the Independent Bookworm Advent Calendar. It’s a literary countdown to Christmas, and every day, there’s a different short-story. I think it leans toward the Sci-Fi Fantasy end of the spectrum, but I’ve never really done the math. Today is my day. The door opened, and there

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