Art And The Engineering Student

So, once upon a time, I had a boyfriend. (Shut up.) And somehow… (you’ve gotta supervise those devils every moment) …he wound up finding my art portfolios. I had two of those at the time, enormous, Weimaraner sized manila envelopes that held vast sheets of newsprint on which I’d drawn various and sundry highly educational

Valentine’s Day: A Brief History of Disaster

One of the benefits of being a writer is that you wind up looking at your own culture through the eyes of your characters, and you start to see the things that are… well, a little bit weird. Valentine’s Day is… well, let’s be honest… about as weird as they come. It’s a holiday dedicated

If I didn’t Want You To Be Happy, I Would Have Married You.

So, today is one of my ex’s birthdays. I haven’t seen him in years, but he was my first real, serious, this-could-end-in-actual-marriage-and-eventual-death boyfriend. Obviously, I was terrified. He, on the other hand, was not terrified. He was full-speed ahead, I have a schedule to keep, and it is time to get married ready. He’s the

Writing as Real Life

Someone asked me if I was married, the other day… if I have kids… the usual small talk from someone I’d just met. She showed me pictures of her husband, her kid (he was pretending to be a Box Troll. I still haven’t looked up Box Trolls.) And I told her that I’m not much

Messages From the Bathroom Stall Door

I used a public restroom, today, and I snapped a picture of the stall door. Someone has written the words Suicide Club on the stainless steel in electric youth pink. I don’t know if it’s a plea for help, or a bid for attention, or just graffiti referencing a movie or manga. And I don’t know

Nontraditional Relationships in Books

Polyamory in YA? #amwriting #amreading — Kira Hawke (@kira_hawke) August 4, 2016   A poll flickered by on Twitter, today. I clicked my answer and left a brief comment, and then, I realized, Hey, that’s my blog topic for today! I don’t write YA, but I do have a lot of non-traditional relationships in my

Well, I never!

So, after all the time and effort I’ve spent lobbying for Man-Cards to be revoked on a 12 point system, I was accused of being judgmental! Well, that’s gratitude for you. I am judgmental. That’s the honest truth. And frankly, I think I have damn good judgment, too. Admittedly, I usually say “instincts,” instead of

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