That “Other” Tradition…

I usually make it through the Friday Frenzy intact, mostly by not going. The things on offer range from not-for-me (Television the size of Shaq, anyone?) to not popular enough to sell out. There’s not a deal in the world that would make me want to cram myself into a box store or mall with 50, 000 of my closest friends.


Cyber Monday, and shopping at home is more my cup of cocaine.

Due to my New and ImprovedTM vacation dream, I have a long-term shopping list the length of my arm, and really… the deals do look good. Particularly when I’m curled up under a nice, warm blanket.

So, I made a hard and fast rule about not buying things that I’m not going to use right now. No super-mega-survivalist water filters, when I already have a Brita filter that’s more than enough for the kitchen. No ultralight tents I won’t use for a year or two. No sun hats I won’t use until summer. Right now.

And absolutely nothing with a battery in it that will be slowly aging to uselessness. (That’ll knock a big chunk off of the bill.)

I wound up with a sleeping bag liner, a pillow, and a pair of long underwear. (You can tell it’s a practical splurge because it involves practical underwear.) I’m also getting a free t-shirt.

All in all, I survived.

But since a couple of places have “extended” their sales, I might have to call my sponsor.


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