The Approaching Death of Fitbit #3

Last night, my fitbit was giving me some incredibly low heart rate readings. Like… probably fifteen or twenty points lower than my usual resting heart rate. I don’t actually believe those readings, and it didn’t take much pulse-counting to confirm that they’re wrong.

They’re not Oh, shit, I’m going to die! readings. More like Yeah, right. I wish my resting heart rate were that low readings.

And a while back, I got my skyscraper badge. (That’s 100 floors in one day.) At the time, I thought it was probably because I was up and down ladders all day at work, and accepted it. (with a grain of salt.)

I question the accuracy of the thing, and it seems to have gotten worse, lately. I know it’s not counting each and every step I take.

Maybe I’m sleeping funny.  Maybe it’ll do better on a full charge. Maybe eventually, it’ll tell me I have a heart rate of two and a daily-staircase rate of 683.

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