The Composite Notebook Continues

The eyelet setter arrived, and I just finished one of the first composite notebooks I’ve been working on. The cover could stand to be longer… and possibly wider… but it functions. I put a whole lot of inserts in it, more because I wanted to see what it looked like than because I have plans for all of them. No, I’m not going to post pictures. I still haven’t gotten to where I want it to be. The idea is good. The execution? Well, I have some standards, people. I just have no idea what I’m doing.

Still, I wound up with a nice, fat notebook. It will keep the dot-grid portion of events in the same place as the lined paper things. And it will give me the ability to keep projects separate in a way that the Leuchtturm did not.

I have mixed emotions.

So, I’ll try it for a while and see what I think when I’m finished.

What else? The temperature hit 100 here, today. And right about then is when I called it quits for the outdoorsy-ness. There are times when you want to be neck-deep in a lake, or else at home with the air conditioning. The air conditioning won. And to be honest? I’m shocked that the park was so crowded. Where did all those people come from? Oh… well, maybe I got there a little late.

I still need to get a few real live, fiction words in. No real thoughts there, either. Maybe I’ll come up with something while I’m in the shower.

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