The Day After

The A-to-Z Challenge ended the day before yesterday, and this is my first discipline without peer pressure post to follow it. I survived, mostly by flying by the seat of my pants and not looking back. I got what I wanted out of it; met people, boosted readership. Some of them are willing to talk to me, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. Interaction’s always good.

So, in retrospect… next year I might go with a little more of a theme, and some vague plan for the tricky letters. I don’t want to wind up sounding like a beginning reader’s alphabet book, after all. And I’ve been thinking about doing a page with links to the people I’ve visited. I have to think about that one a little more,  of course. None of them are people I know well (at least, the ones who don’t already have links.) and there’s a huge range of topics and sensibilities. But it could be an interesting way of interacting.

Coming up… I have the Insecure Writers’ Support Group. Always fun. I’m going to have to scratch up some insecurities for that one. Always just below the surface.

I’m still looking for that theme of my dreams to keep going with. I may wind up defaulting to Soups of the World, because everybody loves soup, and just when you think you’ve run out of countries, somebody splits and I can keep going.

And then… Dan Allen is running a handy-dandy writers-as programmers course, and I got sucked right in. So, I’ll keep you updated on that, and if he’s half as much fun as I think he is, I might even invite some of you to join me. (But only if you’re good, and leave me lots of pretty comments.)


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    Yeah I need to get on my IWSG. I started it but not sure I want to go with it now, lol. Oh boy that is tomorrow will guess I will get at it then.

    I hope to join you too. i was thinking it was an interface software for website building, not a course, but maybe it is a course. I’m confused, guess I will just wait and see.

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      I think we’re supposed to be programming the software. The way he’s talking, we’re all going to be gods and goddesses of programming by the time he’s through! I can’t wait to play.

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        Looking forward to playing too. Whatever he has us do we will learn something like how to work with our own sites too. That part I got.

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          And I was doing such a good job of pretending I wasn’t motivated by self-interest. But yeah… Goodies! Gimme!

          • ROFL I had a vision of a cat “like Garfield” rolling around on the floor saying “Goodies! Gimmie, gimmie! Made me smile.

            **sticks out hand in gimmie fashion and pretends to look at something else**

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    I thought you did just fine. No one on the other side of the computer screen could tell that you were flying by the seat of your pants. I’m glad to have ‘met’ you through A to Z.

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      I’m relieved to hear it! It was good to meet you, too. Loved your affirmations posts. They really are a boost of calm and confidence.

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