The Great Internet Meet and Greet

I’m about half-way through the 2016 blog hop hosted by Raimey Gallant right now. It’s part promotion, part networking, and part social mixer. Essentially, it’s a list of people who participated in NaNoWriMo this year, who are interested in getting to know other writers.

That’s really it.

And like any event where you meet a whole lot of people, you find yourself a little disoriented, scanning the faces, looking for other people like you. Don’t get me wrong. You’re polite to everybody. But what you’re really looking for is connections.

In my case, that means science fiction and fantasy writers, and to a certain extent thriller writers. With a sense of humor, please. Uh… well, make that a weird sense of humor, actually.

And readers. Anyone who’s likely to enjoy my writing.

Or anyone who knows anyone who… well, you get the picture.

I do things with a couple of random groups. There’s no genre requirement for the Insecure Writers’ Support Group, either. But the desire to be supportive works well, and it’s been a good experience.

And then, there are a couple of more focused events. The Storytime Blog Hop is more Sci-Fi and Fantasy (officially spec-fic, I think). The Advent Calendar leans that way, too.

So, welcome to my blog, whoever you are. Sit down and grab a story or two. Tell me about yourself, and what you’re looking for, and maybe, if it’s not me, I might know someone. Leave me a comment.



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    Nice to meet you too. Like you, I joined this hop to connect with other writers. I finally managed to get through all the twitter follows and now find myself a bit overwhelmed. I’m guessing it will eventually quiet down a bit and the ones that are here to connect will stick around too.

    If you’re looking for another writers group, I would suggest checking out Becoming Writer at the Write Practice ( It’s a great forum where we post once a week and offer support and feedback to each other. All genres are covered and it’s a great place to meet other writers in your area of interest. It has definitely helped me grow as a writer too.

    I look forward to reading more of your works.

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      I subscribe to that blog and keep up with the articles. There is a lot of great information there. I did not realize there was a writer group, thought it just courses and contest you paid for. I may look at that too. I like the Write Practice blog a lot.

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      I’ll have to check it out, when I have time after the holidays. It sounds like it might be up my alley.

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    Nice post. I looked at that hop but it seem time-consuming and I need to focus my time on making a difference in my product–stories. It sounded like fun. She put a lot work into to putting it together. If I felt I was not drowning in my own stuff I’d jumped on that too.

    Like you I do IWSG, Storytime and the Advent calendar this year. I also have a guest post, non-fiction, appearing on another writer’s blog on December 14th. Christine Rains from IWSG.

    I also do K. M. Weiland’s Wordplayers, although I’ve been less active this month and my NaNo local Lake Writer’s group. I need to go live functions with Lake Writer’s again not just on FB.

    I’ve been invited to participated Mystery Thriller Week at it is open to anyone interested.

    They have a discussion on Goodreads going. They asking for authors and the will take place I believe in February. Said I did not have to be a mystery author to participate if you interested in looking at it.

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      I’ll take a look. You’ve never steered me wrong, yet. Get me the link for your guest post as soon as you know, and I’ll post a link here.

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        Ah thank you. She has not sent me the link so may not have until the day. We are doing a post swap and she will be in my Author Spotlight on same day. I guess I could ask for link to share.

        Thank you.

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    Hi Karen, Nice to meet you through the blog hop. I’m a sci-fi fan (and writer), and I’m looking forward to reading all your works 🙂

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    Nice to meet you too .
    I really liked Dragon Smoke and Wind and look forward to reading more.
    I’m also writing my own post about the blog hop, would you mind if I included a link to here, as another perspective on it?

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    Nice to meet you! I am looking forward to connecting with other like minded people too, and I am slowly getting through the Twitter and Blog follows 🙂
    I am currently writing fantasy. My novel is set in a medieval type world, with dragons. I am a bit of an addict where dragons are concerned. I loved your work ‘Dragon Smoke and Wind.’ Those hatchlings were so cute 🙂
    My project for NaNoWriMo 2017 is sci-fi though. I already have a few notes on it. (slaps own wrist for getting so far ahead of herself)

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      Good to meet you, too! I’m glad you enjoyed my story, especially since you’re a connoisseur. The novel I’m revising is very, very soft sci-fi. I might let it convert to fantasy, after it grows up.
      Nano 2017? Wow, are you ever a plotter! I’m the opposite. Seat of the pants all the way. But you might be a good influence on me. I’ve been working toward cleaner drafts.

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    Hello! I’m an SF/Fantasy writer. Most of my WIPs are SF, but for this year’s NaNo I worked on a piece I think fits the magical reality genre.

    I’m also doing the NaNo hop, and I agree it’s currently a little overwhelming, but I feel like a kid in a candy store. I’ve found hints and intimations of activities I would be quite interested in joining.

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