The Great Umbrella Inversion

My new hiking umbrella arrived four days ago.

Today, it broke. One umbrella rib down. The result is… a little limp on one side. It’s just one rib. So, the thing still

For the record, that’s a total of about ten miles. It’s less mileage than the five-dollar, no-promises-made umbrella that I got on a whim. (Which is still going strong, but not really opaque enough to do much for the sun.)

I’d had high hopes for the new one, since it was listed as having a twelve month warranty. Am I able to get into contact with the company? Well, no. Their website has consistently failed to load. I’ll give it another chance (or twenty) tomorrow, and then I’ll see if I can return it via Amazon.

I wanted it for the heat, and… it will probably still work for that, at least enough to get through the next few days. Maybe even… to the end of the heat wave? No. That might be asking a bit much. I’m not sure how much longer until the umbrella is breathing its last.

I didn’t really expect an umbrella to live forever in the high plains, but… uhm… longer than three days would have been nice. And that warranty…

Did I mention warranty?!! I wouldn’t have given it a chance without the warranty.

The fabulous vented umbrella I want to replace it with (one that I eliminated on price, the last time) is out of stock, though, so I might just try to make this one last. I’m really not looking forward to facing the summer without some kind of shade.

Come sulk with me. If you have any thoughts on sun umbrellas in the wind, let me know.

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