The Magic of a Fresh Start

This month I’m making two big changes to my bullet journal.

The first one is that I’m moving into a composite-style (Traveler’s notebook, Midori/Fauxdori) notebook. (I made it myself. Accomplishment.) The Bujo is in one of the inserts, which won’t be with me for six months or a year. I’m starting to appreciate the magic of a fresh start. So… I think my insert has… sixty pages? Something like that. And I’m also doing separate inserts for each of my projects. (I hope that will keep them more organized.) I’m having fun drawing on the covers with Gelly Roll pens. **shut up.** Yes, that is what they’re called. No. There’s no irony. (The people at Sakura clearly have a much cleaner mind than I do.)

I’m debating whether to keep the “Today Will Rock, because…” and “Rest and Relaxation” spreads, because mostly… those just sit there and get ignored. I probably need to spend more time planning ahead, but… those spreads just don’t quite seem to be doing it for me.

The second major change is that I’m adding a To Be Determined spread. I don’t know if that’s something everybody needs. It certainly never occurred to me until recently. But this month? I find myself in possession of a few upcoming dates. Things that will happen, but I don’t have a schedule for, yet. So, those go in To Be Determined. It’s a list for me to go through, when I make the next calendar, or… with some sort of discipline… I’ll remember that I’m supposed to be marking them off, when I get the actual dates.

I’m hoping that having a to-be-determined list will keep me from forgetting all about things that can’t be forgotten.

Beyond that?

I might be putting a little more style in this month than usual. Shhh. Don’t let it get around. It’s nothing major. I did not, for instance, paint the Mona Lisa into a paint-by-numbers mood tracker. But I did add some color.

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