The Planning Continues

I actually put together an hour-by hour planner for Nano, this year. It was about the most control-freak thing I could think of.  One line for sixteen hours per day. I can add my own times to it. later. I have problems finding pre-made planners that fit my odd-ball schedule. (or fitness waterbottles or… well, anything else with hours printed on it.) If your day doesn’t start at seven or eight, you might as well just make your own. So, I did.

I need to pay more attention to where my time is going, or I won’t wind up with fifty thousand words next month.

I also need to plan ahead and be sure that I’m eating on a regular basis. (That same weird schedule varies by quite a lot, from day to day.) It’s the kind of information that only comes up when you’re actively planning something, instead of just living it. The truth is, I always seem to be recovering from the time-lag somehow. I’m not good at getting up hours before dawn when I don’t have to, and even worse about staying awake. (I sleep in, I stay up late.) (I need more discipline, yes.)

I got my index cards, and my snazzy new thumb-drive.

I’m working on gathering the tools for the kind of organizational skills I want to have.

I’m not sure what else I need, but by golly, I’ll have a pretty set up by the time I get started. I’m fiddling around with the idea of accountability partners, too.


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    Wow, hour by hour pre-planning…I thought I was the only one who did that. Maximizing any spare time is key, especially if you’re going for the 50K words. I carry a tiny notebook in my pocket at work in case I get a few minutes to myself. It helps!

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      No, not the only one. I’m hoping to get a new habit started, or at least a new awareness of the process I’m using and its problems.

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