The Project of The Day

Ever buy one of those things that you just know should work better than it actually does?

My magnetic papertowel holder works.

My magnetic whiteboard works.

In principle, there’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to magnet all manner of things to my refrigerator.

But I am currently locked in mortal combat with a magnetic key holder that I bought off Amazon (some assembly required.) It’s definitely not as big as the pictures make it look. And that assembly? Well, it’s a lot harder than you’d think to put a magnetic sticker on the back of a shelf, and have it actually stick well enough to hold keys on a refrigerator.

The magnet sticks to either the refrigerator OR the key rack, but not both. Not for very long, anyway. The key rack slides off… hits the ground.

I blow dry the adhesive once again (Because… if there’s a right or wrong way to blow dry adhesive, I want to be sure,) and wait 24 hours. Is my blow dryer hot enough? Too hot? Not enough pressure? I don’t know.

It slides right back off again.

All I really want is a key rack on my refrigerator. In the central-command, organized heart of my chaos-ridden life. **sigh** And I’d like to not drill holes into the walls of my vintage (some assembly required) house.

Two key-racks in, I’m eyeing the drill. And the furniture. Because furniture isn’t a part of the house.

I may try a hot glue gun and more magnets, first.

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