The Slowest Day of the Whole Year

I know everybody’s out shopping and watching football, but I didn’t really expect the day after Thanksgiving to be quite this slow on my blog. I may be slightly impatient, since I’m turning into a slothful statistics addict. I’d probably be sitting in the corner, convinced I’m a tea cozy by now, except that I’ve been away from the wi-fi almost all day.

So, by the dawn’s early light, yesterday… we went out and took one last look at the Verruckt water slide in Kansas City. The soon-to-be-former world’s tallest water slide is a little over 168 feet tall. It’s taller, apparently, than Niagara Falls (barely) and looks (quite frankly) a little like a ready-mix concrete plant.

I would know. Once upon a time, a boyfriend took me on a date to a ready mix concrete plant.

I never got to ride the slide, which is scheduled for demolition following a fatal accident.


I would probably point out the fact that there are a couple of smaller slides in the back ground, but since they’re basically invisible, I won’t. If you look closely, they’re under Verruckt’s smaller hump in the top photo.

You look at something like this–the slide, not the accident–and you have to be impressed. The time and resources invested into this thing… The sheer size of it… The fact that so many people can take a day off and do absolutely nothing beyond running around a water park.

It’s enormous. And it was never meant to last forever.

I’ll skip the obvious commentary and add that we also went to Waffle House.


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    Hi, Karen. I’m here. 🙂 I’m fascinated to know what kind of guy takes a girl on a date to a ready-mix concrete plant. Not a keeper, I take it?

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      He came really, really close to being a keeper. He was a civil engineer, and the concrete plant had this weird little demo garden. Lots of flowers, but everything else (gazebo, paths, planters, benches, etc.) was made of ready-mix concrete to show what you can do with the stuff.

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        Now I’m trying to picture a gazebo made of ready-mix concrete. I imagine it would miss the “light and airy” impression by a wide margin, but maybe I’m wrong. How peculiar!

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          It wasn’t all that clunky, but I wouldn’t call it light on its feet, either. I’ll take pictures, if I get a chance, and if it’s still there. There’s a less-serious version that tries to look like children’s building blocks in one of the parks, but it really does have a very sturdy look to it.

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