The Summer of Fiction Writing


Holly Lisle is hosting a Summer of Fiction Writing Event on her writers’ forum, and even though the event doesn’t officially start for another week, it’s getting lively over there. You set your own goal, and then work toward it in the company of other writers. Holly has a ton of free information on her website, as well as paid classes, so it’s worth looking into. You can create your free account at

If you want to take a look at some of that free information, here’s a partial list, as stolen directly from Holly’s own blog post announcing the Summer of Fiction Writing:

There will even be support for involving your children, if you happen to have any.

My goals for the summer?

Funny you should ask.

I am mid-project(s) right now.

1.) I have 2 projects that should be finished at or above 90,000 words by the end of June. (It’s roughly 48000 new words. About 1000 words per day.) That’s just the rough draft, so I intend to be working on revision of one or the other of those, starting in July.

2.) I’m also on a finish what you write kick, which means that I have some short stories (Specifically, 4… plus one for the StoryTime Blog Hop) that need to be finished. I’m not sure exactly where that’s going to fall. I want to actually submit the 4 to paying markets. (I have a serious problem where my short fiction winds up on my blog instead of on my resume.)

3.) I’m still working on finding a do-able schedule for my blog, and right now, that seems to be about weekly. This one’s a combination writing/GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! goal, because I figure if I’m doing something, it makes the blog more interesting.

4.) Get the manuscript I’m currently revising beaten into shape. (Not a full revision, more like a serious polishing job, at this point.) And then resume querying literary agents.

The Summer of Fiction Writing is a great time to hit the forums, while plenty of other people are joining, too. Holly’s Writing Classes are a community I’ve been involved in for years, and strongly recommend. So, go take the writing pro-focus quiz, and once you’re there, the Summer of Fiction Writing Thread is waiting for you on the forum.




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    Thanks for this! I’d missed it and it looks great!!

    Good luck with your projects, and I like the ‘Finish what you write idea’! Like you I have a current project, but then I have another couple, a 1950’s novel and another mystery, set in the present but about the past, and another about a man who at the moment just seems to wander about by the sea… plus a few other bits and pieces. Not sure I will actually complete all these, but I shall try to complete at least one, and find direction for the others.

    Great post, thanks!

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      Be sure you let me know your forum handle, if it’s not something I’ll recognize right away. See you there! šŸ™‚

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    Thanks for this information! I also have a few projects stuck mid-stream that Iā€™d love to finish…part and parcel of being a writer?

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      Well, I never met a writer who didn’t have a few unfinished projects floating around šŸ˜‰ Good luck!

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