The Times, They Are A–What the Fuuuuu-?!!


Hanes Face Masks?

Ah, Hanes. Purveyors of economy underwear and socks in bulk… Well, it was bound to come to this. We have face masks by the box.

Obviously, I bought a box. Black and white. I got black. The white ones seem just a little too much like wearing underpants on my face.

There’s the part of me that wants to put this away, and save it for later. “Hey, what did you do, during the pandemic?”

And there’s the part of me that feels like Victory is so far away.

During the pandemic? Does that mean it’s going to be over?

Someday. Until then, I seem to be in eternal pursuit of a mask that’s reasonably comfortable to wear.

These aren’t too bad, but they do feel like they’re about to fall off. I didn’t know my face was that little.


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      I’ve heard some good things about an anti-fog treatment that is–believe it or not–called “Cat Crap.” I have yet to track any down, though, so I can’t vouch for it, myself.

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    I think I’d skip the white ones, too. Just too underwear-adjacent. But my mom sewed cotton ones with elastic ear bands for my whole family and they are surprisingly very comfortable.

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