The View from The Tower

I hit the other observation deck at Mahoney State park this weekend. So, here’s the view from the top. The thing does sway a little bit in the breeze, but not so much that you’d notice, if you just keep looking straight ahead. (Okay. Not so much that I’d notice. I have a pretty solid stomach for that kind of thing, anyway.

That’s the Platte River. You can see a whole lot of sand bars, and probably wade all the way across it, right now, but that’s it. (No, the water isn’t low. The sandbars are high.)

Last time, I think all the observation towers were painted orange. This year, it appears to battleship gray. I think I might prefer the gray, to be honest. None of the towers are quite iconic enough to handle the orange.

There is also a prehistoric burial site in the park. Preservation provided–oh, so kindly–by somebody or other. Oh, yes. Mrs. Mahoney. I’m not exactly sure what that entails, exactly. Not digging, obviously… and maybe the fence? I suppose it does make her sound much more generous, than if you just labeled the fence the Mahoney Memorial Fence. It’s more or less a hill with some undisturbed prairie grasses on it, so you’ll be more than able to picture it for yourself.

It is now surrounded on all sides by… uhm… cabins? Glamping cabins? Girl Scout Cabins? I’m not exactly sure, but they’re big, airconditioned, and have running water. (Dibs on explaining secondary burial to the Brownie Scouts, btw.) No. Plains Pre-History is not my thing, really.


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    Gorgeous pic! I love rivers with sandbars. Lots of story ideas, just from looking at it.

    I’ve never heard the term “glamping” before. Glamour+camping? Sounds…odd. Is it truly camping if you aren’t huddled in a leaky tent?

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      You got it! The cabins are pretty much hotel rooms for large groups. I always seem to get there when linens are being changed. Nothing about Mahoney is really roughing it, but you can have a good time, and not worry as much about skill levels as you have to other places. Maybe envision it as “city park meets Girl Scout camp”?

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