Them Crime-Writer Suspicions

Now, doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of duct tape to keep one junk refrigerator closed?

There’s a lot of baggage in this picture. This house–this refrigerator–is about two blocks away from where they found a missing woman’s car last week. Her phone, as I understand it, was in that car.

And her apartment was all torn up.

The local paper hasn’t picked up the story.

And from what I hear, the working theory is that she wrecked her place, ditched her car, dumped her phone, and ran away with “HIM.” The man her family suspects of foul play.

Her family is┬ástill using the word “kidnapped.”

I don’t know the girl, personally, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say she doesn’t live in a place like the house in that picture. I could be wrong.

But, they’re the kind of people who have to figure out what to do when the paper┬ácan’t be bothered, and the police think the girl ran away.

I hear a lot of stories in the silence.


  1. Jane Helms


    I am suddenly fixated on that refrigerator. The one that, 30 seconds ago, had a life apart from my own. Even the tape looks sinister. Foreboding and foretelling are fine companions on the story roads…

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