There Are Holes in My Socks

I am staring at my online shopping basket, and alternately thnking of deleting everything–because it’s more money than I had intended to spend–and just clicking BUY BUY BUY. I got a phone warning that I’d never seen before–one that told me my phone had been turned off because the battery was overheating–and I’m getting more and more nervous about leaving it to the last minute.

The phone in my basket is a little higher than I would ordinarily buy, but it’s Sooo shiny.

And it’s a bargain… I’m hardly spending at all. It’s more like saving, actually. Just ask the people who want to sell it to me.

Okay. So, I need a new phone. But spending the money? Somewhere along the line a cell phone has gone from being the coolest thing ever to ┬ábeing more like another pair of socks. Yes, I need one, but it’s still not a lot of fun to think about.

I could keep this going a little longer, couldn’t I?

Not forever, of course…

I probably won’t burn anything down.



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    My husband and son are the phone geeks. They know to the minute when a contract expires and what new models are available. I outsource the decisions to them.
    p.s. Hope your phone stays cool.

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