There’s Supposed to Be a Blog Post Here

But I was curled up with a book, and just now got around to remembering.

I made low-carb tacos today. Not the kind where you sit around and pretend that lettuce leaf is just as good as a real shell. The kind where you crisp Parmesan cheese, form it into a shell, and crunch yourself to worldly bliss.

Obviously, that means that the salt and cholesterol are going to get me, instead of the sugar and diabetes, but… so worth it. And melty, shredd-y cheese on top. Not a health food. I did put sriracha on it, in case anyone’s worried about my not having a vegetable.

Oh, yes. I can cook. If I did it more often, I probably would have had a coronary by now, but at least it would have been a happy coronary.

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