Thinking About Comic Books

For some reason, the idea that I should write a comic book is fluttering around in my head.

Seems like an obvious choice, since I have absolutely no concept whatsoever of how to do that. Or what I would write about in a comic book… or … well… any other relevant topic.

It seems like a children’s picture book, except without the children.

Which is probably good, since the parents in my life have deemed me “Not age appropriate.”

(BTW, thank you for giving me a heads up, parents, so that I can recite exactly the same line, if the kids ask me.)

There’s something about the visual aspect of this that appeals to me.

I’m not sure if I’m saying I want to write a comic book, or if I’m saying I want to draw a comic book.

Or if it would turn out to be a book, rather than… say, a lengthy greeting card.

I’ll put it on the to-do list. It might even happen.

I’m also not sure if this is a real thought, or a new and improved form of procrastination.

I can hear the anti-muse whispering in my ear… you know that viking? He’d look really good flying around Omaha in a cape.


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      My drawings never quite match the dream, either, but with xkcd doing so well, I have to wonder if great art is the whole equation. Plus, I’ve been reading about comic book scripts and the process of writing for an illustrator, and the collaboration fascinates me.

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        A collaboration sounds really interesting 🙂 I’ve always thought writing comic book scripts would be tricky, as you have so few words to get the message across and I’m one of those writers who writes too much!

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