Thinking Ahead

I spent a good chunk of today curled up with a heating pad over my ears. I’m still fighting off that last winter cold. Or flu, or inner ear infection… whatever it might be. As long as it doesn’t turn out to be brain-eating larvae working their way through my eyeballs, I’m good.

I also managed to revise some more on what are literally the most difficult scenes in my entire novel. A strange dance where I work, and then, I step back to look at what I’ve done, and realize it just doesn’t quite look finished.

So, I get to the end of the revision, and I run it through spell-check. Which I’ve been putting off, because there are a large number of not-quite English words that will make it slow going. And I have a bunch of markers left lying around where I was supposed to think of… well, yet another not-quite English word.

My main character’s language has a million billion words for the concept of marriage. And true to form, I’ve got placeholders in for all of them.

I’m debating what the appropriate celebration for finishing the novel would be, though. Creeping slowly closer to the end. I can’t decide between calories and caffeine.

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