This Week in Roadside Attractions…

The lake was calling me, this week. No. Not that lake. No… uhm… no, not any sane lake within reasonable driving distance. I mean Rathbun Lake, which is a solid 3/4 of a state away. Did I mention I made the trip there and back in a day?

Well, it’s something new, and we’ve been having lake weather lately.

And this is beautiful country. Wide-open sky with perfect, fluffy clouds, and lots of it.

So, without further ado, I give you the Tiny Flock Chapel. It’s an independently owned and operated chapel/rest area/cemetery (cemetery sold separately) in Plano Iowa. Baptist-ish, I think.


It’s about the size of my garden shed, and nicely maintained. There’s a cross on top, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to my frame to get it all in. (And by the way, do you see what I mean about the Iowa sky?)


I’m not the biggest fan of small spaces, so I pretty much took one snoopy lap, and went back outside. (Don’t expect a tiny-church road trip any time soon.)


It’s one of those faith in humanity places. Not locked. Not supervised… and yet, here it is. Completely intact, and as far as I can tell, the way it has been since the beginning. No graffiti. No vandalism of any kind that I could see. And clean as a whistle. No candy wrappers or cigarette butts, thank you very much.


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    I saw that church! But I didn’t stop and go in. In 2014 I took some quilt squares to a museum in Bedford IA. I left early Sunday morning to get to church in Bloomfield (?), north of Ottumwa to meet some people. I didn’t trust that I’d allowed myself enough driving time, so didn’t want to stop and then be late. I’m glad you posted these pictures so I can take a peek inside of it now.

    The museum has a small church, about this size too. Although it doesn’t sound like you want to see anymore, if you’re in the Bedford area, check out the Taylor County Historical Musuem.

    Thanks for a fun post!

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