Those Pesky Goals

It is September, and I have less than a hundred views left before I pass last year’s total. I’m growing–at least a little–and that makes me think about the mile markers I didn’t know existed, or didn’t think about until I hit them.

  1. The first time you’re working on your blog, and you realize there is someone else on there with you.
  2. The first time someone shares your posts.
  3. The first time your readers start talking to each other.
  4. The first time you see actual… growth potential.

I’m looking toward actual goals for next year, too. And that’s where I fall short. After  all, most of the goals that stand out in my mind are things I never thought of until they were actually there. Oh, yes… growth, and more views, and more loyal readers, and maybe my own literary agent?

We’ll call that last one a stretch goal.

I want another 100 rejections for my rejection collection. (That, I can control.)

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