Those Were the Days…

I spent most of my day today chasing down an old park in a very small town half way across the state. For some reason, we seem to have been struck with Chautauqua fever, and a very reasonable need to look at every Chautauqua park within driving distance.

Obviously, we are insane.

The Chautauquas–back in the day–were a series of educational programming events that lectured on a variety of topics. Sorta… uhm… Public Television meets Vaudeville?

I’m intrigued by them. Curious if such a thing could exist, in the modern world, right now. I’m sorta envisioning some guy in a trench coat. Pssst… Wanna buy some… educational lectures?

So, we went out to see where they happened.

Twice, so far.

I told you about last week’s effort, which ended in a very new housing development somewhere in Iowa? (Chautauqua. It ended in Chautauqua, Iowa.) Well, this one was a little bit more fruitful. I think we found the original stage. When I say think, I mean that it’s been significantly renovated over the years. New siding. New wheelchair ramps. New lighting. New… uhm… it could be a hundred years old. It’s hard to tell for sure.

What I need is an ice cold lemonade, and a lecture on astronomy or something.

(Yes, I know. It’s 37 degrees outside and raining.)


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