Three Dimensional Puzzles

My sister used to buy me three dimensional puzzles as gifts. Since I was never really into them before, I’m not exactly sure how it began. Maybe as an inside joke, or something “appropriately nerdy.” Maybe she ran into one on sale at some point.

At any rate, the trend stuck, and I wound up with a small collection of puzzles, and at least a little interest in them.

They’re challenging, and in the best of all worlds, also beautiful. (Well, let’s be honest, some of them miss the mark and land somewhere near just plain weird.)

I ordered a new one a few days ago. It’s the Hanayama Mobius, and it does happen to be an attractive do-hickey. It’s the first Hanayama puzzle I’ve had.

It managed to arrive a day early, so it was waiting for me when I got home from work.

So, the challenge–as always–is to take it apart.

And then put it back together.

The process took maybe ten or fifteen minutes, not including the time to take pictures, and eat a bowl of clam chowder. (What?!! I was starving!)

On the manufacturer’s difficulty scale, this is a 4 out of 6.

I’m probably going to place it in the basket with the easier puzzles in my world, but it gets points for being attractive. Really solid and well-made.

I’m probably going to look to the tougher levels for the next purchase. Some of the level 6 puzzles are bound to be nice enough for the bookcase, aren’t they?

So, what about you? Any 3D puzzle enthusiasts in the group? Any suggestions for puzzles I’ve got to try?

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