Through The Looking Glass

Yesterday, I went to Kansas again. Medical appointment, not a recreational trip. And Kansas really isn’t that far away. How far? Well, some of the nearby farms straddle the border. (I know! And yes, I’m judging. Just a little.)

It’s gorgeous country down there, and I’m only allergic to it three seasons out of the year.

They’ve added face masks to all of their squirrel sculptures. That’s good, because no one else seems to be wearing them. Honestly, I might as well have been wearing a dive helmet and flippers.

The medical office, itself was deep and deadly serious about it. But the other two stops? You wouldn’t have been able to tell there was a pandemic, if the squirrels hadn’t been wearing masks. And it’s not like I stopped off in somebody’s home, or in the Plague Rat Lodge. I got gasoline, and I picked up groceries for lunch.

I really wouldn’t have thought Kansas and Nebraska were that different.

Inappropriate (and far too easy) jokes momentarily paused, I can’t figure out what would be making that much of a difference.

But it might be worth noting that K-State is playing tomorrow, while the Huskers’ season has been cancelled/postponed/whatever.

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