Time Management in Isolation

The editor is unimpressed.

I’m not really getting into the self-isolation swing of things. For one, my shitty day job has suddenly become “essential.” I’m still working. Not from home. I have to put on pants and everything.

In a lot of ways, the structure of my life is still there. Oh, I definitely know that this is not normal, but if I keep my eyes on the job in front of me, and focus, not normal stays just at the edge of my awareness. People are making plans for what happens when they have to take time off. How many cases, before the risk is too high? Who moves into the camper to protect whom? And are those kids going to make it back into schools this year? Probably not.

Then, I get off work.

There’s not much open, right now. I don’t think there’s an actual order, but around here, we’re a cautious lot. Even less open in the larger cities around us.

It doesn’t leave a lot of structure to the off-hours. I don’t have the discipline that I need to get things done in the way that I had envisioned. My Fitbit could tell you that much.

I have, however, watched Irish people try roughly a million billion different American snacks, and I have discovered a highly educational show called “Sex Sent me to the ER” which is now on Youtube. (I can count that as “research,” can’t I?)

I’m not getting a lot more work done. I need to figure out a schedule so the extra time I have doesn’t go to waste.


  1. A.S. Akkalon


    Does it even count as self-isolation if you’re still going to work?

    I find getting a lot done is hard when there are lots of world events that suck up my energy. Be kind to yourself. It’s a difficult time.

    • Reply

      I’m glad I am still going to work, but I think it counts for something that I’m not going anywhere else. All work and no play…. Maybe self isolation isn’t exactly the right word.

      • A.S. Akkalon


        I hope you find some time to play at home. Play is so important.

  2. Reply

    A friend of mine reminded us to also not be so hard on ourselves. She suggested actually doing half of what you’d normally do.

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