To the Waterfall

I went out to see the waterfall, last week. You’d think there’d be pictures of a waterfall here, but there aren’t. Somehow, I forgot to take any. Here. You can have this nifty picture of the Platte River as seen from the observation tower.

I probably got more exercise climbing the tower than I did walking out to the waterfall. The waterfall is not all that far, and it really is a very easy trail. Well, yes. I suppose it is more of a water tumble, at that.

I also got to set a horrible example for other people’s children.

Yup. I got in the water. Eighty five degrees, and climbing. Of course, I got in the water. This is perfectly legal, but it’s probably not the preferred activity for middle-school students on a field trip. More the nuisance than any actual danger. The waterfall is about six inches shorter than I am, which means… I am a tall person. Let’s just say that if you drown… somebody’s probably holding your head under.

Have you ever noticed that if you’re around water–any kind of water that is not specifically a swimming pool–all it takes is one person to jump in before everybody goes in?

Or, in this case, before a teacher is shouting out names of people who are not allowed to go in the water?

Horrible, horrible example.


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    Poor teacher. There’s not a child in the world who can resist the siren call of getting in water. Especially if it’s *forbidden* water on a field trip.

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      There was also mud. That’ll learn them teachers to try an force penmanship on me. Actually, I was surprised just how many of the kids did stay on dry land. They were pretty good kids. (In my completely unqualified opinion.)

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