Today In the Life of Me

I checked the weather report this morning before work.

Snow! Sleet! Rain!

And I wore long underwear and took my microspikes. (Just in case.)

Obviously, it is not raining. It is not snowing. It is not sleeting. The sidewalk was dry as a bone all the way home. If I hadn’t been prepared, I’d have had to burrow under six feet of snow and wait out the storm. That is just the way it works. (I actually just finished listening to a podcast where a doctor said he’d never seen someone who was carrying a snakebite kit get bitten by a snake. So yup. That’s medical science.)

It wasn’t a bad day. I got exercise. My Fitbit is impressed.

And I got nearly five new pages for my revision while I was at it.

Not typed, of course. But mostly coherent. My main characters are starting a fire pit in a walk-in closet.

(They have a house-guest.)

(I am not living vicariously through my characters.)


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