Toe Socks and Story Middles

After a lot of mileage, I’m fighting off the blisters between my toes… and window shopping for toe socks. It would be easier to commit if I had ever had a pair of gloves that fit me right. Nothing in the description says anything about short, stubby toes. But, I’m just about ready to admit that I’m blister prone, and that stabbing blisters with pins really just isn’t the same as not having blisters in the first place. Worst part? I didn’t even go anywhere exciting. Just tromping around town.

I thought I was going to get a lot of downtime. I got a lot of exercise, instead. I over-packed, accordingly.

I also broke my annual pair of flip-flops. I know I can’t expect much from a pair of shoes that costs a buck, but still.

Beyond that? I got a little revision done on a short story that has a lot of potential. It’s not finished, yet… but it’s taking shape.

It just needs… well, the middle section. Which seems important somehow. I can’t quite convince myself that nobody would miss it, if I tried to be sneaky. I’m starting to really like the beginning and the end.

One of the goals I have for this month is to put a few more short stories in the box. (Including, unfortunately, their middles.) I’m eight months into a twelve month challenge. I’m definitely making progress, but it’s not the kind of progress the challenge calls for. I’m floating right around 60,000 words worth of (unedited, middle-free) short stories for the year. If I can get them finished, polished, and shoved out the airlock, they count for the challenge. Otherwise…

So, there’s the update for you.

Anybody else still fighting their way through the 52 Week Challenge? Have your shoes been eating your feet? Let me know.

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